Trip Reports

Bald Mountain and Artist Bluff

Yesterday we ventured back up Bald Mountain and Artist Bluff. We had done this little hike last summer and Aubrey ended up being carried halfway through, so I wanted to give her the full hike experience. We set off at 11am since it took me awhile to get motivated to leave the campsite. We quickly made our way up Bald Mountain. Just before the scrambles we met a rather large man, in jeans and sandals and no gear, who told us that the hike would be too hard for Aubrey and should turn around. I smiled said “oh” and sent Aubrey up climbing. I glanced back over my shoulder after making it up the first area and he was watching us still.

We turned and headed up the trail to the steeper flatter rick scrambles and met a mother and her older son. He was terrified to climb any further and was crying as his mom pleaded with him to go up. I chose my approach carefully because I know not everyone is as adventurous as Aubrey and she has far more hiking experience than kids 2-3x her age. I didn’t want to make the situation any more upsetting when a toddler can climb up and he can’t. I sent Aubrey up as far away from him as I could to give him space. I told her to then sit down and wait for me, so I could kindly ask to go around the boy since the area I sent Aubrey up was only big enough for her to fit. We made it up as others were coming down. Obviously not hikers because they had zero respect for the uphill hikers have right of way. We let them pass and continued the last bit up the mountain before stopping for a snack.

We headed back down and Aubrey did and awesome job listening to me on when to slide and when to sit and wait for me to climb down to potentially catch her if she slides to hard and fast.

Over to Artist Bluff we headed. The trail between the two is pretty boring in my opinion, there’s a few view points and and glacial erratic to check out but other than that nothing challenging. At one point we met back up with the large man and this time he did not even acknowledge us. He did chat with the adult group behind us saying the Artist Bluff viewpoint was beautiful and he was on his way back down. What a liar! It’s a loop trail and even if he wanted to out and back it there wasn’t enough time for him to make it out to Artist Bluff and back to that location. Just a typical egotisc male that refuses to admit he can’t do something and has to lie about his experiences to everyone to make himself feel better.

Aubrey had a few scrapes and falls on the way to Artist Bluff but she was very happy to make it and earn her Peanut Butter Sandwich. After a short break we took off down the last bit of the trail. I opted to road walk it back to the car than the little trail through the woods since Aubrey was insisting on climbing on every rock and root and was making the last bit of the hike painfully slow. Road=no distractions.
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