Trip Reports

Mount Watatic 

Short and sweet trip report for Mount Watatic.

We headed out for our hike up Watatic just after 9:30, it’s great small mountain just minutes from our house, yet I never get there as much as I should. Instead of doing the Wapack Trail out and back we took the longer loop option. We stayed straight on the State Line trail until it reached the junction of the Wapack trail. We turned right and followed the yellow triangle blazes up over Nutting Bill. This is a nice little area that is always quiet. It can trick new hikers on this section that they are at the summit, since it features cairns that grow in size as you get higher, but there is still a ways to go. Aubrey was let down again, just like on Monadnock. She found that first cairn and exclaimed “I did it”….nope sorry sweetheart we still have a ways to go. We passed a few other hikers who were on their way down and and made it to the summit just before 11am. We stopped for lunch in the grassy area of the summit and took some pictures before heading back down. 

It was a challenge getting her down. 

Why? Dogs. Aubrey has this obsession with petting dogs. She is actually really good and knows she must ask permission before petting dogs. However today was about 50/50 for acceptable dogs. She does not handle the rejection when an owner says no. It leads to tears and meltdowns. Which makes for miserable hiking. However we met a group with four dogs and she was able to get her fill in. A passing hiker even remarked how it was the greatest hike ever because of all the cuteness of kids and dogs. 

The rest of the hike was fairly uneventful and we made it back to the car by 1pm. Another mountain for Aubrey!