Trip Reports

Crawford Notch Camping

The end of May rolled around and enough was enough. We (I) needed to get away and go camping. With a limited budget I dug out a NH State Park gift certificate we had (Thanks MoMo!) and booked a couple nights at Dry River Campground in Crawford Notch.I was a bit nervous for this trip for two reason. This was the first time we would be staying at a campground without hook ups. I can easily live without water hookups, but the electricity is the one that makes me nervous, and that’s only because often we need to run the heater at night (even in the summer) and I didn’t know how well our battery would hold up. The second piece that made me nervous was the lack of cell signal in Crawford Notch. Sure I can live without Facebook, Instagram, Amazon Music and Netflix but what if we had an emergency? And that also meant calls to Daddy back home at bedtime and in the mornings would require us to drive until service was available.Friday I picked Aubrey up from school with a surprise. Little House was hooked up to the truck waiting for her on the street behind the school. So at 1130 we started our journey north. Traffic was extremely light and we arrived at the campground no issues. What I loved about arriving was that we could head right to our campsite and begin getting set up. Halfway through setting up the ranger came through and checked us in at the site. I wish more campgrounds were this easy!

After setting up and walked around the small campground and prepared dinner. After dinner we drove up to the Crawford Notch Depot by the AMC Highland Center. We called Daddy and talked with him until Aubrey insisted we visit the playground. So we told Daddy we would call back after we were done at the playground.After playing and saying goodnight to Daddy we headed the 5 minutes back to the campground to start our fire!Since Aubrey has been asking to light the fire for a few years now, I figured being 5 years old and knowledgeable on fire safety she could take a turn. I brought the extra long matches for her to use. She built the fire and struck a match and woosh the fire started right up!

She was so proud of herself she actually asked to roast a Marshmallow and proceeded to enjoy it. Up until this point she refused to roast them and was content eating them right from the bag.Bed time rolled around and we both climbed into our beds tired and happy. I didn’t wake up until 4am when I was cold and decided it was time to turn the heater on.After breakfast we ventured over to Iron Mountain for our hike. (Link coming soon). After our hike we came to relax around the campground the rest of the night. I loved how quiet Dry River was. With no cell signal there weren’t any loud Bluetooth speakers, without hook ups no one was watching TV outside. It was quiet. Even the road noise of 302 wasn’t bad (something we have had bad experiences with at a neighboring campground).

We woke up to light rain Sunday morning, so Aubrey and I packed up and headed home early. We were home by 12 and already looking forward to our next trip in 2 weeks!

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