Hiking Lists (For Kids!)

13 Before 13

This is a BRAND NEW hiking list for kids! Created by Alex Herr- an exceptional young hiker here in New Hampshire. Her hiking journey is what inspired me to hike with Aubrey (check out her mothers book Up- A mother and daughter’s peakbagging adventure). Alex is a 16 year old Girl Scout who had created this list for her Girl Scout project. The list is composed of 13 hikes that children need to complete before turning 13.

The list has four sections Easy, Moderate and Hard to start, each that have three different hike choices for Views, Scrambles and Waterfalls as well as a fill in the blank option so families can pick a hike for each level. The final hike is up Little Haystack, a 4,000 footer by technicality but fails to meet the requirements of the AMC 4,000 footer list. Kids can earn a sticker as they complete each section and then a patch once the entire list is completed.

To view the list and website Alex has created visit 13 Before 13

She also has a Facebook Group for families to join and share their progress https://www.facebook.com/groups/674910572922841/

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