Trip Reports

Monadnock- Marlboro Trail

I swear I’m going to get caught up one of these days! I promise! Back on August 16 Aubrey and I ventured up Monadnock. Since we have already done, White Cross, White Dot/Arrow, and Dublin for main trails, this time we took on Marlboro Trail.

Marlboro trail was in short amazing! So many good things going for this trail. Probably the best thing was we didn’t see a SINGLE person until the summit. What?! That never happens on a main trail! We had the entire trail to ourselves to explore and enjoy. The first bit of the trail was pretty easy, but as we neared the treeline things started to get tricky. We started scrambling up over rocky ledges and we were greeted with large open views. Soon enough we reached the summit and enjoyed lunch with 50+ of our newest friends.

Not looking forward to climbing down the scrambles knowing that Aubrey is extremely slow and careful on the descent I took out my map to see what other options we had. I saw that we could head down the Smith Summit Trail to Mount Rosa, then take the Great Pasture trail to Marian Trail back to Marlboro trail which would have us skip most of the big scrambles. I added the mileage up in my head and calculated that it would only add .3 miles to our hike, happy with this we ventured off.

The Smith Summit trail is gorgeous! We loved it and was definitely a nice way to descend. We reached Monte Rosa and was sadden to see the weathervane was broken 😦 I took out my map to find the Great Pasture trail and that is when I noticed 1- my original math was wrong and 2- I missed a section so the extra mileage for going this way was .7 miles. Oh well we are committed and still have plenty of day left. We slowly wandered our way without seeing a single person until we made it back to the Marlboro trail. From there it was a quick descent back down to the car.

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