Trip Reports

Pack Monadnock 9/21/19

So this post took a bit longer, not because I forgot about it but because it was my first time editing a hiking video. A few weeks ago I purchased a knock off Go Pro from Amazon. Its a CrossTour 9000 that usually sells for about $40. This was only my 2nd time using the camera and first time using it when hiking so there is definitely a learning curve. I need to work on making sure the camera is actually straight and not moving around too much. This time around I just had it clipped on my pack strap the entire time because it appeared the easiest, especially when working with Charger. I had made a first edition video of our hike a week ago, but after rendering it, I did NOT like how it came out at all (I used 2x speed on all the clips so I could fit more in without cutting too much, which made it a very unwatchable video without getting motion-sick), I was frustrated and put it aside for another few days until I was ready to sit back down and try again. This time I am OK with how it came out, still not in love but its a process.

We did this hike a week ago on Sept 21, the foliage was just beginning to change and it was still quite warm out. I am looking forward to slightly lower temps over the next month for more comfortable hiking. We have hiked Pack Monadnock countless times, but Aubrey had never taken the Wapack up and since I originally wanted to venture to the Whites for a good hike, I wanted something with at least some scrambling.

We reached the top and Aubrey and Daddy ventured up the Fire Tower while Charger and I waited below. Be warned in that clip, the video is extra shaky and I sped of the speed just to make it fit in video time frame. After lunch we ventured down to the Raptor Observation area and it was a pretty quiet day for Raptor Migration. After stopping at the bathrooms, we ventured down the Marion Davis trail. On the way down we met up with a large group of middle-schoolers from an inner city fresh air program. They were great troopers, many of them on their first hike ever and all appeared to be having fun, but did express some grumblings when a 5 year old quickly hiked past them. Kudos to the group leaders who brought them and were also considerate to other hikers on the trails and let smaller groups pass them as needed!

Since I was video recording the entire hike, I didn’t take many pictures, so be sure to watch the video to see how our hikes go. I know the video is far from professional, but maybe with practice I’ll get there. And if anyone has suggestions for a video editing program I am all ears. Right now I have been using OpenShot. Ideally free right now until my skills justify paying for it.

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